Kilims do not have pile, but they are very hard wearing. Kilims are reversible and unlike a piled rug the colour doesn't look any different from either end.

Our Chobi kilim / Maimana Chobi kilims are woven by Uzbek people in the town of Maimana and the surrounding villages in North Western Afghanistan before being transported over to Pakistan where they are expertly finished including washing. The Maimana Chobi Kilims are based on traditional patterns of the original Maimana Kilim. They are bold geometric and flowery designs with a stunning decorative and rich vibrant colours. They are made with wool on cotton base. They have used the same traditional dyeing method since their origin.

Care Instructions: Specialist cleaning recommended.

Use suction vacuum only, avoid rotating brushes which could damage your rug. We recommend using rug hold underlay to help protect your rug from moving and colour transfer.