Afghan Khan or Khal Mohammadi (as the design is mainly known) rugs are only woven in the Andkhoy region of Afghanistan. The yarns are dyed and then hand knotted by the Uzbek and Turkoman people using 100% local wool. These are then transported over to Pakistan where they are expertly finished including washing and trimming.

The rugs earned their name from Mr Khan Muhammad, a famous yarn dyer who developed a particular recipe to create deep intense reds sometimes so rich they could appear a mahogany/reddish brown which is unique traditional technique for this design. The rugs follow a distinctive type of patterning which once seen a few times can be easily recognised again in all its subtle and beautiful variations.

In 1sqm of Khal Mohammadi rugs there would be around 150000 + knots giving a low density pile.

Care Instructions: Specialist cleaning recommended.

Use suction vacuum only, avoid rotating brushes which could damage your rug. We recommend using rug hold underlay to help protect your rug from moving and colour transfer.