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Gooch Oriental

Stripe Gabbeh PC 43874 - 1.43 X 0.87

Stripe Gabbeh PC 43874 - 1.43 X 0.87

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Semi plain in design, the Gabbeh rug is as versatile as it is luxurious. Hand woven by Turkoman tribes in the province of Aqchae of Northern Afghanistan and made using 100% hand-spun wool on a cotton warp. The natural wool used creates a unique semi plain pattern, meaning the colours can vary from light to dark natural, grey and cream shades due to the variances in the natural wool. Some include warn dyed shades of the same wool yarn and woven into a striped pattern such as this. The rugs are then transported over to Pakistan where they are expertly finished including washing and trimming.

In 1sqm of Gabbeh rugs there are around 150000+ knots giving it a mid-density pile.

Care Instructions: Specialist cleaning recommended.
Use suction vacuum only, avoid rotating brushes which could damage your rug. We recommend using rug hold underlay to help protect your rug from moving and colour transfer.

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